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Ever since I started to get more into the writing community this year, I always noticed that whenever they talked with each other, they always used some sort of abbreviations. I never really understood those.  

I became curious. I started to search about more and more terms. While they are pretty awesome to use, there are some people who may not know about them.  

So, I have compiled a list of writing terms that I’ve learnt about so far. Enjoy!

  • OC(s) are Original Character(s). It basically refers to a character that hasn’t been inspired from anyone or anything. The OC(s) has simply been born from your beautiful mind.
  • MC(s) are Main Character(s). As the name suggests, it refers to the character of a story who has the most scenes and many appearances and basically the person whom the story revolves around and weigh in a severe influence on the storyline.  
  • SC(s) are Side Character(s). They are the supporting characters of the story, who make less appearances than the MC(s) but more appearances than any other uncommon character in the story. Unlike the MC(s), they have a moderate to severe influence on the storyline. 
  • Protagonist is the term commonly used for a leading character of the story, mainly the heroine or hero. 
  • Antagonist is the term commonly used for pointing out the villain of a story. The antagonist and protagonist are always pitted against each other. 
  • Deuteragonist is a secondary protagonist. They are the drivers of a subplot and can be sidekicks as well. 
  • Omniscient is a POV in which the narration is told from an “all-knowing” perspective (sometimes the author’s, sometimes just generally), in which things characters wouldn’t know are shared with readers. It is one of the most difficult types of POV to write. 
  • Archetype is a type of character who is commonly repeated amongst several stories. 
  • Plotters are writers who organize their storylines. They plot each and every event that will happen in their chapters before beginning to write their story. 
  • Pantsers are writers who straightaway begin writing, with no or little planning of how their storyline/plot will progress. 
  • Plantsers are writers who are basically both plotters and pantsers. They are a mix of planning stories and just beginning to write with no prior planning. 

  • POV stands for Point of View. As the name suggests, it indicates that the story is being seen through/from the eyes of a particular character. 
  • WC stands for Word Count. Again, as the name suggests, it pertains to the number of words our particular writing piece may have. 
  • WIP stands for Work In Progress. The use of this abbreviation indicates your current story which is being written and is obviously, ongoing. 
  • MS means your manuscript 😊


  • Alpha Reader stands for the first ever person who has read your story. They are usually a close friend of the writer and provide encouragement and support (constructive criticism is up to them to provide). 
  • Critique Partner or Critter is a partner with whom a writer exchanges manuscript critiques, in order to get knowledgeable feedback about how to improve a story. 
  • Beta Reader provide feedback during the writing and/or editing process.  

  • Drabble is a piece of fiction of almost or exactly one hundred words, but not over.  
  • Novel(s) is/are a fictional prose work with a  long and often complex plot, usually divided into chapters, in which the story traditionally develops through the thoughts and actions taken forward by the characters. 
  • Novella(s) acknowledge a story that has around 40K to 50K words. 
  • Novelette(s) acknowledge a story that has around 7,500 to 17,500 words. 
  • Logline(s) pertain to a single sentence story summary, specifically used as pitch.

These are all the writing terms from my end! If you know any that I haven’t mentioned here, comment them right below! If you liked reading this post, do drop a like!

Stay safe and healthy!

Love, PJ 💖

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PJ Morven

Hi there! I’m Aparna, a fifteen-year-old girl from India. I write under the pen name, PJ Morven, on the orange app, Wattpad, with the username ‘writerophile’.


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